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Beta 9

Beitragvon duststar » Sa Okt 28, 2006 22:10:03

Beta 9
Some of the beta 8 members joined again, while some of the core real world friends joined other alliances. The alliance was created by starcatcher this time.

Very early attack of NEMO alliance against fentoozler. Thus started a war with BBA fleets on one side and NEMO, TM, [EU]Sajuuk and later some TZAR player fleets on the opposite side.

BBA had up to 31 players and NEMO together with TM had around 70 players, therefore we had lot of nice battles and good player levels, even while loosing more and more planets due to the outnumbering. Final ranking was #138 in the alliance list, with several BBA members only surviving in the far outer rim of the galaxy.
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