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Hi from Sully81

BeitragVerfasst: Mo Jan 19, 2009 5:01:15
von Sully81
Hi friends !

I think some of you may remember me.
I'm Sully81 and I played beta 8-9 and GE1 as a BBA active member.

beta 9 was so funny with this big fight with NEMO.
In Ge1 I was trader-warrior (don't know if it still exist?) and we made one of the greatest fleet of the game.
I also remember a lot of diplomacy work :mrgreen: that was my job

I have so good memories with this team.
I remember dustar, odichris, starcatcher, astroHocke, ceraphim, the stormtroopers and a lot of others I forgot the names.

Please give me some news of you and the other "old" players.
I can't remember the real nam of one of you I liked to chat with.
With crazy hair

and did you have some news from Nebulae, the portugese player?

About me, I'm now 27 (still Belgium).
I don't play astrowars anymore cause it took too much time.
I always wanted to be a perfect killer, so I waked up during the night and it was not possible to go on like that. :mrgreen:
So I decided to stop. :cry: it's a pitty cause I'm sure next GE I could have won it. :mrgreen:
I remember all the mathematics and links about AW I had... lol
So interesting game.
Can you also talk to me about the big new rules in the game? a lot of changes ? I'm curious about that.

Well, it was nice to read some of your post on this forum. I will come again in some days.
I'm now playing darkorbit, it's a german game from Big Point, maybe you know it ?

BeitragVerfasst: Mo Jan 19, 2009 23:01:01
von Alexander
Hello sully81,

I remember you well and I am sure so do odichris and ceraphim
Astrohocke wasn't member of BBA since that old times
I am aka starcatcher, but changed nick as I played long with the ST0RMTR00PER armour

most change was done with speed rule ... everything is a bit slower now
there is new points given only with planet above population 10,
which extends the editions and thus the fleets grow even bigger :roll:
60.000 Destroyers and more

Nebulae wrote when he was back
All fine with him. If I remember correct his grandmom died
and therefore he was offline for some weeks,
without notification before.

damn, I hardly remember ...

Nice you came by, at our new website

Have fun in the cyberspace

BeitragVerfasst: Mi Jan 21, 2009 9:01:12
von ceraphim
hey sully !!!!!!!!

good to hear from you !

we had a nice time didnĀ“t we ? :mrgreen:

BeitragVerfasst: Do Jan 22, 2009 21:01:50
von Sully81
Hi dudes :wink:

of course we had nice times. Sooo fun.
it's a pleasure to read you didn't forget me as I didn't forget most of you.

Only the name of your german friend I can't remember.
Do ya think you could help me to find it out?
I know you knew him in real life. He also invited me for some "camping" with you dudes (but I couldn't)
It was the boy with bit crazy hair. I chatted with him almost every day on MSN.
I don't remember his name and even not his nick. :cry:

And what about the current GE ?
good one for BBA ?

BeitragVerfasst: Fr Jan 23, 2009 0:01:26
von NordenViking
As i remember Leviticus was his ingame name , and hi Sully from the frozen north.The last post i remember from you was that you was in some kind of trouble and Bartosz was offering a secret place in Poland since they should have a lot of them ;)

Best regards

BeitragVerfasst: Fr Jan 23, 2009 1:01:38
von ceraphim
i almost forgot this with bartosz ( polish mafia ) :lol:

steven is the RL name from levitikus.

we could use your comunicative talent these days!
on the paper BBA is stronger than ever.
i made to much agreements for our betablockers so they mourn a bit.
annything else is fine here !

BeitragVerfasst: Mi Jan 28, 2009 20:01:21
von Sully81
mmh it was not Levitikus, no ...
Is it possible his real name is "Horst" or smthg like that ?
It's a pitty all of you german dudes have german names :mrgreen:

Well don't worry that's no matter.

Nice to have some news from the far North, Tommy !
:D yeah, you make me remember Bartosz, the polish boy. I should go and visit this secret place, I'm sure it can't be worst then here.

About BBA, what about the old aim we had to block the beta countdown ?
and why don't you name GEBA now ? :mrgreen:

I will come and visit you on this forum time to time.
Don't forget to post here some news of you and the BBA.

C ya!

BeitragVerfasst: Mi Jan 28, 2009 23:01:27
von Alexander
Sully81 hat geschrieben:why don't you name GEBA now ?!

BeitragVerfasst: Do Jan 29, 2009 0:01:03
von AstroHocke
hi sully....I also remeber b8 with you...great round and some nice CD action :mrgreen: