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seal hunt

BeitragVerfasst: Mi Apr 16, 2008 17:04:48
von ceraphim
fuckin humans

they say that killing the seals is ok because they are blaming them to be in charge that there is less fish in the seas.

yeah right you bastards, not that it could be that the 3.5 million fishing-boats on the planet with theire km-long fishing nets cold have something to do with.

because of the food problem worldwide they take the seals now for producing omega 3 fatacids and oil, also they use theire flesh and skin .
hey, at least they use evetyrthing, right ?

BeitragVerfasst: Mi Apr 16, 2008 17:04:16
von Alexander
damn it ... I just ordered some seal oil ... will be expensive now that the prices go up

at least my seal hunt company stocks will raise 8)

... yes, you are right ... humans do much too often think like "beyond me the flood"