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Charta of the Beta BlockerAlliance

basic information about us :
the name of the BBA was born because we usually started in the beta sector and try to block him with all our power.
it started with a group of RL friends and turned to become a ally with members from many different countrys.
if we found a player that fits to us, we like to keep him inside BBA untill the end of our ally.
we are a small numbered ally, and we see this game as an oppurtunity to communicate and cooperate with funny and upright people.
and to kick ass, of course!

goals of the BetaBlockerAlliance

mostly we try to get a good alliance ranking.
many players, we met during our journey to the AW universe, don´t share this goal and say that ranking sucks and that this game is a war game and the fun is to fight people.
we believe that this is a strategical game and fighting is one part of it.
without a good infrastructure and economy you wouldn´t be able to build strong fleets.
and everybody who is thinking that we don´t know how to fight, is welcome to give it a try.

BBA and the rules

we play within the rules.
that means that we don´t tolerate account sitting or multiple accounts in our ally.
anybody of us who is catched doing so, will be hunted down with all we have.
we also play with some kind of honor and moral.

how to become a member of the BBA

visit our forum introduce yourself and be active there.
if we invite you, you will get a status where you will be able to coordinate your movements with us.
if you seem to be trustable and reached a ranking position above #1000 you will get the TAG.
this is equal to matter if a BBA veteran or a new member.
this way is a tribute to the experience we had with some spys.
every decisiion we make is based on polls where everybody has the same power.

much more could be said about the BBA, and if you are interrested you are always welcome to visit our forum.

we would like to thank AllesRoger in creating this amazing game and all our friends and upright enemys we found and lost allong the way!

see you in space!
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