Hallo all

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Hallo all

Beitragvon henkus » Mi Sep 12, 2007 11:09:11

Hallo guy's and gals. I am a new player... and I'm addicted to astrowars. I've been playing since 16 Aug, not doing to badly until a few day's back (hey but it's war) it still is my first round but i hope to become a member of the BBA sometime in the future.

PS - Stormtrooper thanx for the help I salute u :salut:
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Beitragvon farsalos » Mi Sep 12, 2007 11:09:56

hi henkus,
welcome to this great game :D

maybe you would like to join XR? they are much better than BBA PDT_Armataz_01_40

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Beitragvon Dassel » Mi Sep 12, 2007 20:09:00

Hi henkus and welcome.

farsalos is right, XR is much better, but you know, we have the style.
What's the point in joining the winning team? Aside allways winning?
See, if you take away the "allways winning"-thing, BBA is almost as good as XR.

Take a seat and relax. I'm sorry we can't offer you a cookie, someone ate all of them. I don't have a proof but I think it was starcatcher, maybe odichris, but I bet they are going to blame me. It's a conspiracy!!!!
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Beitragvon Alexander » Mi Sep 12, 2007 22:09:04

Damn Dassel, you ate them again :o

I wonder how you can feel comfortable in a combat suit full of crumbs :lol:

Welcome Henkus.
Feel honoured about the invitation of XR.
They are quite good, but some ranking lists still show a different
"who is the better alliance"

And you might know who the best ever player is: (rank 7 and rank 23)
and check the alliance who was home of Astrohocke in the first place
(Astrowars Beta 8 )

After all this amazing info I would say:
try both alliances and decide yourself :wink:

You should have access to our friend embassy now :hum:
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