Round ending in a week. Anyone still here?

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Round ending in a week. Anyone still here?

Beitragvon VaporT » So Mär 18, 2007 5:03:18

Heyyyyy!!!! Is the party getting started or what? I disbanded FBSP because there was not enough communication and activity between players. Tell me this is not the problem here.
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Beitragvon KonradP » So Mär 18, 2007 13:03:14

Clock is ticking........
We have to discuss when we will start.

Greetings KonradP.
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Beitragvon Alexander » So Mär 18, 2007 23:03:58

alright people - it usually takes longer than expected to finally win

I guess there is no exception this time.
Anyway - the poll should be opened soon about our log in time.
Aim is clear so far: BETA Rockers ... ahm, Blockers Alliance,
so we will check to get the Beta Zone
But however you think - we will discuss that in relevant topic,
not here :wink:

to be opened past 20th march 2007 :wink:
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