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Edition 11

Beitragvon Alexander » So Mai 25, 2008 23:05:48

The BetaBlocker Alliance managed to make a great number of NAP with some great alliances arround

Alliance WAR White and Red 12:36:10 - Mar 03 x
Alliance OCB Les Pishnamiens 11:13:10 - Apr 05 x
Alliance RTT RTT Forever 11:13:05 - Apr 05 x
Alliance ESF EuropesSleepingForce 17:43:55 - Mar 10 x
Alliance DUNE Fedaykin Legion 23:54:50 - Mar 27 x
Alliance PUNX PUNX 00:22:56 - Mar 13 x
Alliance EOS Empire Of Shadows 17:43:51 - Mar 10 x
Alliance SaDx Seek and Destroy X 21:21:12 - Mar 12 x
Alliance FtD Fear the Dentists 17:48:39 - Mar 10 x
Alliance Lord Pray the Lord 11:12:59 - Apr 05 x
Alliance ASGA The Asgard 09:44:21 - Apr 13 x

Therefore we lived in a save place until we decided to attack [RAGE]
[RAGE]Blackjac speeder killed many population of BBA
and opened systems for more [RAGE] players

Therefore and because BBA were 9 enlisted players with ceraphim resign
in the beginning (only started to pass BBA tag to sc) our average rank sucked, even deepone, kpacu and mannix had done very well.

Sum up: Nothing special happend :roll:
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